Five Skills for People to Improve the Sensitive Skin

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Five Skills for People to Improve the Sensitive Skin Empty Five Skills for People to Improve the Sensitive Skin

Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:05 pm

Many people are troubled by the sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can cause many problems for people, such as dryness, uptightness and pruritus. In order to help people improve the sensitive skin, five skills will be introduced as follows.

The first skill is to keep away from the allergen. Various things can cause allergy for the human skin, such as laxative and sleeping pill. The peculiar smells in the air like essence and pollen can also cause allergy. Therefore, if people come across the peculiar things in everyday life, they should keep away from them in time so as to prevent the formation of allergy.

The second skill is to avoid the improper diet. Many people like to eat spicy foods and the sea foods like fish and crab. The frequent intake of such pungent foods can increase the burden of skin to cause the symptoms of allergy.

The third skill is to reduce the frequencies of removing cutin. The thin skin can be easily caused to be allergic to various elements. Many people, especially women, would like to make use of the related products to remove cutin from the skin, which can make the skin become thinner and thinner. At the same time, the symptoms of allergy can be more easily caused. It is necessary for people to remove cutin in order to improve the skin, but the frequencies should be strictly reduced. People can remove cutin two weeks a time or one month a time.

The fourth skill is to completely remove the cosmetics from the skin before people go to bed. When people remove the cosmetics from the skin, they should choose suitable makeup remover. Then people can apply the hot towel to the skin. If the cosmetics can not be removed from the skin completely, the left cosmetics can block the pores and cause symptoms of inflammation and allergy. In addition, when the skin is allergic, people should not apply cosmetics.

The fifth skill is to supplement enough water for the skin. The adequate water inside the skin can reduce the symptoms of allergy effectively. However, people should be rather careful when they choose the skin care products for water supplementation, as the products containing essence, alcohol and preservative can worsen the dryness of skin and cause more and more symptoms of allergy. The skin care products containing hyaluronic acid are the good choices for people to make use of to supplement water and nourish the skin.


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