The Skills for People to Remove Blains

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The Skills for People to Remove Blains Empty The Skills for People to Remove Blains

Post  lilyqianweiku on Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:56 pm

People usually make use of various kinds of ways to remove the blains from their face. However, the improper ways can even worsen the skin problem. Therefore, it is necessary for people to use proper skills to alleviate the blain and even eliminate them. Some skills will be introduced as follows.

First, people can apply the ointment containing vitamin A acid to the facial skin. The vitamin A acid can normalize the growth of the keratinocyte so as to maintain the smoothness of the pores and destroy the environment of the blains.

Second, people should apply the ointment which can be used to eliminate the inflammation to the skin. This kind of ointment usually contains benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria like bacillus and staphylococcus which can cause the formation of blains. Generally speaking, various kinds of blains can be removed by the ointment.

Third, people should pay attention to the balance of the hormones. The balance of hormones can be detected by the blood test. The imbalance of the hormones can seriously cause the appearance of the blains and other skin problems. The blood test can help people to choose an effective therapeutic method.

Fourth, people can make full use of the effective micro-dermabrasion. The micro-dermabrasion can remove the dead cutin from the pores so as to rescue the blocked pores. People should find apt and specific ways to solve the problems according to the concrete situations. For example, the products containing ethylene glycol should be used if the blains are red. In addition, the products should be used before the cutin has become thick.

Fifth, people can follow the way of fluid infusion. The infusion should be filled with vitamins. The vitamin B complex can restrain the excessive secretion of oily fat and vitamin C can restrain the inflammation of blains and prevent the formation of blain scars.

Sixth, people can take the vitamin A acid orally. The vitamin A acid is the only drug which can remove the blains completely. However, the pregnant women should not take the medicine, as the drug can cause serious side effects like the fetal anomaly. In addition, the drug can also cause some other skin problems. For example, it can make the skin become excessively dry.

Seventh, women should treat the blains and the gynecologic diseases at the same time. The gynecologic diseases can induce the formation of blains. The doctors can provide some drugs to adjust the secretion of hormones for women so as to alleviate the blains.


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