Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People

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Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People  Empty Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People

Post  yufei on Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:29 am

Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People  20110610
In summer, many people will worry about their skin which can be seriously hurt by the hot weather and dryness. Most people would like to choose high-quality skin care products to protect the skin. However, nowadays, the variety of skin care products on the market is rather diverse. It is difficult for people to buy the suitable products. In fact, some common foods in our daily life can effectively solve the problem. They can not only provide silky skin for the human body, but also improve the physical health. These foods include apple, strawberry, grape, purple potato, soy bean, honey and so on.

Apple contains abundant nutrients like vitamin C, protein, fat, coarse fibers and mineral substances. Vitamin C can effectively restrain the accumulation of melanin so as to whiten the skin. The tartaric acid can smooth the pores to prevent the formation of blains. When people are eating apples, they should chew the apples slowly so as to improve the digestion. People can also make apples into facial masks to soften the cuticle and balance the secretion of oily fat. In order to prevent oxidation, people can dip the apples into cold boiled water if the peel of apples has been removed.

Strawberry contains various kinds of tartaric acid, vitamins and mineral substances which can strengthen the elasticity and whiten the skin. What’s more, iron, fructose, glucose, citric acid and malic acid contained in strawberry can effectively adjust the secretion of oily fat. In addition, people with oily skin can increase the intake of strawberry to clean the skin and remove the oil. In order to clean strawberries completely, people can dip the fruit in diluted salty water for 10 minutes.

Purple potato contains abundant protein, vitamins and mineral substances. The adequate intake of purple potato can effectively enhance the immunity and remove free radicals from the human body. What’s more, the anthocyanin contained in purple potato can effectively eliminate free radicals and resist oxidation. However, people can not eat the purple potatoes during the limosis.

Soy bean contains abundant vitamin E which can not only defer the aging of skin, but also prevent the accumulation of pigment. The amino acid contained in soy bean can effectively repair the skin and protect hair and fingernail for the human body. According to the research in Britain, the female hormones contained in soy bean can help women prevent and deal with the breast cancer.

Honey can effectively accelerate the metabolism of skin, strengthen the activity and prevent various skin problems like the formation of wrinkles. It can also strongly resist oxidation to keep the human skin silky. When drinking honey water, people must strictly control the intake amount within 500 milliliters.


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Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People  Empty Re: Common Foods Provide Silky Skin for People

Post  shagydeep on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:23 pm

I also heard some were some food like fruits, dry-fruits and little bit protein can make our skin shiny and silky.... What a Face


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