Coating market driven titanium dioxide business opportunities

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Coating market driven titanium dioxide business opportunities Empty Coating market driven titanium dioxide business opportunities

Post  dictionary on Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:37 pm

The paint industry on the heels of the agricultural products, followed by crazy prices soared raw material of titanium dioxide. Some form serial price trend, some enterprises and even a month, to the continuous prices twice the stressful coating enterprise again adds load, however so "crazy prices" behind, who will pay? What caused the titanium dioxide product frequent prices?
There are two reasons for the rise of titanium dioxide, firstly, coatings, inks, plastics etc downstream market demand is rising continuously, give titanium dioxide brought the unlimited business opportunities, market once appear shortage in the hot phenomenon, downstream market to force, gave titanium dioxide fully price rise of the "reason". Secondly, raw material costs, at present whether artificially, raw material also transport, expenses are on the rise, this also gives titanium dioxide industry has brought a certain cost pressure, cost pressures can surely be a factor of titanium dioxide prices.
For nearly a decade, coating production rising unemployment, in 2001, 181 tons, by 2005 404 tons, again from 2006 to 2010 507.8 million Dun 966.63 million Dun, a decade, two five-year plan, China coating production passed from 181 to 966.63 tons high-speed growth, grew at an average annual rate 100 tons. The super market of coating to force, titanium dioxide industry is the indispensable impetus, 2011, with China's urbanization rate, and the rapid development of industry, coating industry will also get more far-reaching influence, but as the important raw materials, titanium dioxide market will be its impetus unlimited business opportunities.


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