Plastic Pollution (sulfur dioxide)

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Plastic Pollution (sulfur dioxide) Empty Plastic Pollution (sulfur dioxide)

Post  lilyqianweiku on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:16 pm

The harms caused by plastic pollution can be classified into two types: visual pollution and potential harms.

Visual pollution means the scattering of plastic bags, boxes, cups and bowels is unpleasant to vision and environment.

First, there are various potential harms caused by plastic pollution.
First, one-off expanded plastic boxes and bags influence our health significantly. When the temperature arises to 65 C, toxic substances in boxes and bags can penetrate into the food, harmful to the liver, kidney and nervous system.

The bags we use to store food are usually made of PVC. Forty years ago, people found that there is VCM in PVC bags which causes people have swelled wrists, fingers, and splenomegaly, liver injury. Those bags are recycled from waster plastics, such as plastic bin, one - shot injector and so on. They are smashed into plastic particles and then are washed in a pool and at last are pressed into pieces of membrane. Many people store dishes with those bags. They don’t know what they have done can damage their health and the environment.

Second, plastics worsen soil pollution and influence the growth of plants. The degradation of plastic bags and boxes needs at least 200 years. When they are leaved in the field, the crops can not absorb enough water and nutrients. As a result, they grow slowly. And their output is reduced. If animals eat the plastic bags, they may die of digestive tract diseases.

Third, landfill is still a main way to deal with the rubbish. As plastic bags take up a large area and plus, they have low density, they can easily fill the landfill field and reduce its capacity of dealing with rubbish. As a result, the base becomes soft and bacteria, viruses in rubbish can easily penetrate in the ground, polluting the underground water and endangering the around environment.

Besides, as disposable plastic tableware is hard to be degraded, people begin to use so called “green tableware”, paper tableware. Though cellulose of paper tableware can be degraded by microorganism, the launch of it is unwise. First, paper tableware also brings the visual pollution. Its degradation takes a long time, in scores of days or several months. Second, when producing paper tableware, straw pulp, rice straw pulp and wood pulp are used. Thus, a great amount of woods are consumed and deforestation is aggravated. Third, production of paper tableware consumes a lot of water, energy and discharges plenty of wastes. If the polluted water directly comes into the river, the water pollution will occur. When drying the paper tableware, a lot of energy (mainly from the burning of coal) will be consumed. As a result, sulfur dioxide may arise a lot in the air and causes acid rain.


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Plastic Pollution (sulfur dioxide) Empty Re: Plastic Pollution (sulfur dioxide)

Post  shagydeep on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:22 pm

Thanks for it... Twisted Evil


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