The price of building materials coating will rise up 10%

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The price of building materials coating will rise up 10% Empty The price of building materials coating will rise up 10%

Post  dictionary on Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:50 pm

Recently, building materials market on the market unceasingly spreads furniture, building materials, household building materials products such as domestic outfit will fully dearer news, especially in 2011 New Year beginning, actual situation? Household building materials product prices are not invented, a lot of businessmen, say now related products have ggod has risen, expected years household building materials product prices will rise at 6% ~ 10% in between. The paint industry is no exception, but there are also many domestic outfit company said at least currently still did not increase of plan.
The building materials profession consumption enterprises and consumers are very concerned and prices on the "you there?" Recently, in all the people in the building materials sells the rink, meet many insiders talked with always cannot help said to this one problem. "What a lot of, also have a lot of high ggod." Companies have shake head sighs.
"I hear household building materials products to markup, ok before me up when the year-end sales promotion activity businessman bought many things." In a certain organ unit holds the Mr. Gao glad to say to the reporter. "Now what things and all price hikes, I want to household building materials product is sure to rise, so many things to buy better sooner than later buy." With her husband in fook on home is busy choosing furniture citizens Ann woman said.
Although we bought house to wait until next year to make a room, but decorate plan would have settled size is also measured beforehand. Some time ago, while each household building materials sells big promotion activities, we have ordered many things, like floor, sanitary ware products, etc. Came today is to put the furniture also decided.


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