Toxic Substances of the Indoor Air Pollution

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Toxic Substances of the Indoor Air Pollution Empty Toxic Substances of the Indoor Air Pollution

Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:26 pm

It is known to all that serious air pollution can be caused by the decoration inside the room. However, few people know clearly about the source and the toxic substances of the indoor air pollution. Generally speaking, the toxic substances of the air pollution inside the room mainly include formaldehyde, benzene series, radon and ammonia.

Formaldehyde is a kind of soluble and irritant gas without color. It mainly comes from the artificial board, such as dressed lumber, block board, veneer and plywood. The glue water for indoor decoration is also an important source of formaldehyde in the air. Formaldehyde can seriously threaten the human health latently. It can stimulate the respiratory system and cause pharyngitis and asthma.

Benzene series include benzene, methylbenzene and dimethylbenzene. They mainly exist in various paints and interior wall coating materials. Benzene series can enter the human body by getting in touch with the skin to cause headache and sickness. The long-term intake of benzene can restrain the hematopoiesis of the human body and cause the blood disease. Cancer can also be caused by the absorption of benzene series.

Radon is a kind of inert gas without taste and color and it can not be observed by people. Radon is also a kind of radioactive substance. Natural stones, sands and ceramic tiles are all the main sources of radon. Radon can enter the human body with the air to cause the internal radiation, which can seriously threaten the human health to cause the lung cancer, leukemia and respiratory diseases. According to the research of the World Health Organization, radon is the second largest carcinogenic substance to cause the lung cancer, and the first largest one is cigarette.

The indoor ammonia mainly comes from the concrete antifreezer and fire retardant in the fire-proof plate. The ammonia can seriously stimulate the eyes, throat and the upper respiratory tract inside the human body, and different symptoms of various diseases can be caused, such as pneumonedema, bronchitis, dermatitis, laryngeal edema and laryngospasm.

It can be seen that the toxic substances of the indoor decoration can seriously threaten the physical health of the human body. When people choose decorative materials, they should choose the materials with high quality so as to maintain the physical health and reduce the harms caused by the toxic substances including formaldehyde and ammonia. People can go to hospital for health check regularly so as to find out relevant diseases in time.


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