Development Strategies for Biochemical Industry in Our Country

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Development Strategies for Biochemical Industry in Our Country Empty Development Strategies for Biochemical Industry in Our Country

Post  yufei on Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:47 pm

As a kind of green chemical industry, biochemical industry has obtained great achievements all over the world. However, many problems existing in this field canoe be ignored. For example, the fundamental research is weak and the ability of technology innovation is low, which forces the enterprises to adopt the traditional growth model in an extensive form. In order to solve these problems, many development strategies as follows have been raised by scholars and experts.

(1)To enlarge economic scale and improve the competitiveness.
Large-scale biochemical enterprises should be encouraged to set up so as to integrate scientific research, development, production and marketing together. Especially those innovation-oriented technological enterprises should be cultivated. At the same time, some small innovation-oriented technological enterprises characterized by some certain aspects should be encouraged. Some other enterprises with small production scale, technical backwardness and less competitiveness must be eliminated so as to optimize the industrial structure of biochemical industry in our country as a whole.
(2)To adjust the structure of products
High-end products should be developed, such as biochemical pharmaceutical products, functional food, additive and biochemical catalysts, etc. In addition, many products which belong to fine chemical industry and which are difficult to be produced by chemical method should also be stressed, such as microbial polysaccharide, biochrome, industrial enzymes, sweeteners, surfactants, high polymer materials, and so on.
(3)To improve production technology level, especially the level of downstream technology.
It is necessary to innovate traditional fermentation technology, constantly raise the level of production by fermentation method, develop bioreactors, improve the technology of separation and extraction of biochemical products, and develop biochemical equipments in large scales. In addition, traditional chemical method should be replaced by microorganism method and industrialized production technology should be studied to develop new chemicals.
(4)To further integrate industries, universities and research institutions and to stress the combination of upstream and downstream.
At present, the technology power of biochemical industry is rather disperse in our country. In order to make their respective advantages complementary to each other, it is necessary to integrate industries, universities and research institutions together. In addition, as it is loose relationship between upstream and downstream in the process of biochemical production that affects technical and economical index, it is pre-requisite to integrate downstream and upstream in the aspects of human and financial investments so as to accelerate the development of biochemical industry.
(5)To improve the quality of the employees
Biochemical industry belongs to high technological industries, so the quality of its employees is rather crucial to its further development. At present, most of the employees in biochemical industry are those who once worked in traditional chemical industry with low ability of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to train the talents so as to improve the whole quality of the employees in biochemical industry.
(6)To strengthen intellectual property protection.
For a long time, the intellectual property protection of biochemical industry is not enough, which breaks the researchers’ research motivation and causes serious brain drain. To strengthen intellectual property protection can not only encourage the researchers at home, but also attract lots of the talents abroad to return to China, which can accelerate the development of biochemical industry in our country.


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