Introduction of KMnO4

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Introduction of KMnO4 Empty Introduction of KMnO4

Post  disney on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:16 am

KMnO4 at room temperature for the purple sheet crystals, toxic, corrosive and have some. Inhalation can cause respiratory damage after KMnO4. Splash the eye, stimulate the conjunctiva, severe cases cause burns. Stimulate the skin was brown. Concentrated solution or crystal on the skin corrosive irritant to the tissue. KMnO4 with manganese dioxide as the raw material extraction, are widely used in industry as a disinfectant, bleaching agent, in the laboratory, KMnO4 solution because of its strong oxidizing and bright colors were used for material identification, acid Redox titration of potassium permanganate solution is an important reagent. In medicine, KMnO4 can be used for disinfection, gastric lavage.


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