Some Notices for the Diets in Summer

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Some Notices for the Diets in Summer Empty Some Notices for the Diets in Summer

Post  lilyqianweiku on Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:29 pm

During the hot summer, many people will suffer from poor appetite, and the function of their digestive system will decline correspondingly. What's more, some symptoms such as fatigue, epigastric discomfort, and even gastrointestinal disorders will easily occur to some people. Therefore, in the hot summer, people must pay great attention to the diets, and take effective and scientific measures accordingly.

First, eat more bitter foods
The alkaloids contained in bitter foods have some pharmacological effects, such as relieving and clearing away summer heat, promoting blood circulation, relaxing blood vessels and so on. Appropriate eating some bitter foods in hot days not only can pure the heart and relieve the restlessness, refresh the brain, but also can increase appetite, invigorate the spleen and stomach. For example, you can moderately take foods such as beer, bitter melon, sow thistle, tea leaves, and coffee. However, it should be noted that the consumption of bitter foods should not be excessive; otherwise, it is likely to cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

Second, pay attention to the supplementation of salt and vitamins
In the midsummer, too much perspiration will result in a great loss of sodium chloride of the body. As a result, people should pay attention to the supplementation of salt when they drink more water. They can drink some salt water every day to maintain the acid-base balance and relatively stable osmotic pressure in the body. What's more, nutritionist also recommends that, during the hot days, it is also necessary for everyone to supplement vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and calcium every day. This can reduce the consumption of carbohydrate and protein in the body, which is beneficial to human health. Therefore, in the summer, people should eat more foods rich in the above nutrients, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, beans, animal liver, and so on.

Third, do not drink too much cold drinks
When it is very hot, appropriately drinking some cold drinks can play certain role of relieving summer heat and cooling the body. However, a lot of cold foods such as ice cream, ice blocks are made from materials like milk, egg powder, and sugar, so you should not eat too much. Otherwise, it will make the gastrointestinal temperature decrease, which may cause irregular contraction, and even induce abdominal pain, diarrhea and other illnesses. What's more, drinking too much cold drinks will affect the appetite. What's worse, it can damage the stomach or cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Apart from the above notices, there are also some other tips you should pay attention to for the diets in summer, such as the supplementation of potassium and the hygiene of the foods, which are all beneficial to human health.


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