Introduction of Rosiglitazone hydrochloride

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Introduction of Rosiglitazone hydrochloride Empty Introduction of Rosiglitazone hydrochloride

Post  jodie1991 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:35 pm

Rosiglitazone hydrochloride in May 1999, approved by the FDA listed 2, 4, 8 mg specifications for every piece of contain rosiglitazone Malay acid rosiglitazone tablet, commodity Avandia Avandia ® (called), used to treat type 2, Ⅱ start for 4 mg daily dose, one or two mg twice a day, taking 12 weeks if the result is not ideal, can increase every day for 8 mg; In April 2000 the FDA approval and sulfonylurea, the pill class antidiabetic drugs, at present the drug has set up a file in the share of the United States, Japan, Britain, Mexico, Australia, Canada and Europe and other countries and regions on the market. So far there have been more than 100 Ⅱ diabetes patients take or are taking the Malay acid rosiglitazone piece, and other similar antidiabetic drugs, the Rosiglitazone hydrochloridethan a small dose, high curative effect, fewer side effects, safe, and well tolerated.


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Introduction of Rosiglitazone hydrochloride Empty Re: Introduction of Rosiglitazone hydrochloride

Post  shagydeep on Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:00 pm

This is one more good invention for diabetic patient... cheers 


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