The nature and purpose Diethyl malonate

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The nature and purpose Diethyl malonate Empty The nature and purpose Diethyl malonate

Post  gill on Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:04 pm

Smile Diethyl malonate, also known as DEM, is the diethyl ester of malonic acid. It occurs naturally in grapes and strawberries as a colourless liquid with an apple-like odour, and is used in perfumes. Diethyl malonate is a colorless liquid with slight aromatic odor; Slightly soluble in water; Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and benzene; The hydrolysis products of diethyl malonate under the acid or alkali condition are malonic acid and ethanol. Diethyl malonate is mainly used in the fine organic synthesis and for the preparation of mono-substituted and di-substituted acetic acid. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals such as chloroquine, butazolidin, barbital and so on. Besides, it also can be used in industries of pesticide, paint, spice and so forth.


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