the secret of the Asphalt

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the secret of the Asphalt Empty the secret of the Asphalt

Post  lazy on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:43 pm

Smile Recently I have heard news about Wuhan Road which is mainly made from Asphalt. Asphalt is an organic liquid of high viscosity, with black surface, soluble in carbon disulfide (a golden yellow foul-smelling liquid). Many of them exist in the form of asphalt or tar.

Characteristics. Very Happy

The intensity of determined by temperature . At low temperature (for example, construction in winter) asphalt is in the elastic state,while at high temperature(such as construction in summer) is in a viscous state. The temperature characteristics of asphalt directly affects its elastic modulus and shear modulus. Elastic modulus describes the deformation caused by external load of asphalt internal stress. Typically the elastic modulus of asphalt is between 1000 N / mm ² (summer) and 9000 N / mm ² (winter). Shear modulus is described within the shear-induced stress in the asphalt.The material properties of asphalt concrete with asphalt binder and aggregate mix, and their respective material characteristics. With the ratio of about 95% of the aggregate with 5% of the asphalt, but this ratio can do some fine-tuning. Binder content and intensity will significantly change the material properties.


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