Does Your Child Lack Vitamins?

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Does Your Child Lack Vitamins?  Empty Does Your Child Lack Vitamins?

Post  yufei on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:08 am

Does Your Child Lack Vitamins?  U=181582452,2988499660&fm=0&gp=0
We know a lot about vitamins. We are always aware of the importance of vitamins. Vitamins are necessary nutrition in the growth of children. They usually do not bring energy themselves, but they are involved in the metabolism and biochemical reactions in the forms of many kinds of enzymes or sometimes coenzymes. In other words, inadequate ingestion of vitamins equals to abnormal growth of children. It also affected the development of brain.

How can parents judge whether a child lacks vitamins or not? As we all know, there are many types of vitamins. Though they are all called vitamins, their functions are totally different from each other. Vitamin A is crucial for the protections of eyes, while vitamin C is responsible for the health of the blood. How do parent judge which vitamin is badly needed at that particular time? Experts have given us some hints.

Children lacking vitamin A has a dry and rough skin. Their hair is sparse and dull. Their nails are so fragile that their shapes would be easily changed. Such children usually suffer from pathological changes in cornea and conjunctiva. Photophobia, nyctotyphlosis or even blindness will occur.

Lack of vitamin B2 will cause seborrheic dermatitis, which attracts bacteria and easily leads to folliculitis. Inflammation is found in tongues and lips. Moreover, such symptoms as glossitis, diarrhea, headache, insomnia and dementia appear one after another.

Vitamin C plays an important role in producing blood, protecting blood vessels and developing the brain. If there is an inadequate ingestion, anemia or hemorrhage is apparent. Such children have a lower IQ, compared with peers.

Vitamin Kis a component in the human body useful for cruor. Lack of this vitamin will cause bleeding all over the body. Severe bleeding in the brain will lead to death.

Obviously, daily food like vegetables usually contains many of the above vitamins. Then why do so many children lack of vitamins? The reason is that they are picky in eating food. A balanced diet of varied food can be a wise solution to this problem. A proper diet is the basis of complementing vitamins. There are various vitamin complements on the market. How can parents choose in a right way? Actually, it should depend to a large extent on the present nutrition situation of their children. And it also closely related to the immune system. The bad habit of picky eating should be paid more attention. Parents should keep in mind that a balanced diet is the most important. High quality proteins can be absorbed from fish, chicken and meat. Furthermore, vegetables and fruits are preferred, for they are rich in vitamins and dietary fibers. In addition, minerals like iron and zinc are needed.


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