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Post  yufei on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:26 am

Sesame is familiar to people. It gets ripe in one year. And it has many different names like benne and batched jute. We usually divide it into black and white. Black sesame is mostly used in medicine while white sesame is for eating. Black sesame is more nutritious and useful. It is widely planted in China, especially in the province of Shangdong, Henan, Sichuan and Anhui.

The contemporary medical research has indicated that black sesame makes great contribution as a medicine. It is rich in vitamin E, which could slow down the aging process. It is beneficial to human organs such as the lung and the kidney. It also can strengthen the muscles and deal with the dryness of the human body.

According to the food table, you can easily found that black sesame is nutritious. 60% of it is fatty oil, including oleic acid and glyceride. Every 100 grams of black sesame contain about 21.9 grams of protein, 61.7 grams of fat and rich calcium, phosphor, iron and vitamins, and a variety of necessary acids. It is the rich nutrition that makes it useful in health and beauty. For instance, eating sesame often can keep the skin smooth and tender. Those who are losing weight can prevent the rough skin by eating it. Besides, people who are always costive can eat it in order to clean the toxin in the intestines. In addition, there are some substances such as lecithin and inositol in sesame, which can prevent the human body from getting fat.

Frequent baths wash off the dirt and the bacteria as well as the greases on the surface of the skin. As a result, your skin will look dry. Sesame can help the skin turn bright and smooth. This great contribution is made by the vitamin E in it. This vitamin is an expert in making people beautiful. At the same time, it can prompt the utilization of vitamin A in the human body. It also protects the health of the skin and prevents the body from skin infections. It is because that vitamin A is capable of moisturizing the fibers and making them elastic and healthy. Moreover, it helps with the blood circulation in order to make the skin nutritive and moisturized.

When you are choosing the black sesame, you should especially pay attention to the color. Some cunning manufacturers would dye it. Authentic black sesame is, in fact, dark grey. If it is so black and so lustrous, you must be cautious. High quality black sesame will not fade and is of satiety. If you are not good at it, you can put some water in your hands and rub it. Then you may find out whether it is dyed or not.

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