Introduction of Pectin(CAS NO.9000-69-5)

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Introduction of Pectin(CAS NO.9000-69-5) Empty Introduction of Pectin(CAS NO.9000-69-5)

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Pectin (CAS NO.9000-69-5) was first described by Henri Braconnot in 1825 but provide only poor quality pectin. In the 1920s and 1930s, factories were built and the quality of pectin get a great improve and later citrus-peel in regions that produced apple juice. It was sold as a liquid extract firstly, but now pectin is often used as dried powder that is easier to store and handle than a liquid.

Pectin (CAS NO.9000-69-5) is a structural heteropolysaccharide contained in the primary cell walls of terrestrial plants, and was first isolated and described in 1825 by Henri Braconnot. It is present throughout primary cell walls but also in the middle lamella between plant cells where it helps to bind cells together, and pectins are a family of complex polysaccharides that contain 1,4-linked α-D-galactosyluronic acid residues.

Pectin (CAS NO.9000-69-5) is mainly used as a gelling agent, thickening agent and stabilizer in food. Because it increases viscosity and volume of stool so that it is used against constipation and diarrhea in medicine, and is also used in throat lozenges as a demulcent. Pectin has been considered an excellent substitute for vegetable glue and many cigar smokers and collectors will use pectin for repairing damaged tobacco wrapper leaves on their cigars in the cigar industry.


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