The Nutritive Value of Watermelon

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The Nutritive Value of Watermelon Empty The Nutritive Value of Watermelon

Post  yufei on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:04 am

Watermelon, also named as “summer melon”, is the king of melons. It is juicy, sweet, cool and thirst-quenching, very suitable for eating in summer. It doesn’t contain any fat and cholesterol. What’s more, it is rich in glucose, malic acid, fructose, proteinogenic amino acid, tomatin and vitamin C. Thus, it is a nutritive, clean fruit, safe to eat.

Its nutritive value:
First, it can clear away the heat and quench the thirst. As it contains much water, a juicy and sweet piece can ease someone’s thirst and irritation when he suffers from a fever.

Second, the sugar in it can eliminate the kidney inflammation, and protease can turn insoluble proteins into soluble proteins, and thus provides nutrition to people who have kidney inflammation.

Third, it contains some substance that reduces the blood pressure.

Fourth, it can increase the urine and thus, decrease bile pigment, helping treat jaundice.

Fifth, fresh watermelon juice and peel can make the skin smooth and shiny.

Its beautifying effect: nature is a popular word among the beauty industry. In hot summer, thick make- up lets girls feel uncomfortable. More girls go to the beauty salon to take care of their skin. But in fact, the best beauty aid is around you, that is, watermelon.

It is a natural sun cream. The sunlight in summer is so strong that the skin can be burned if there is no protection measure. But some girls have to run around here and there because of the work. Then watermelon plays an important role. It can provide the body with lots of water.

It beatifies the legs. People can discharge more urine after eating it and thus, it helps remove the edema, especially that of the legs. For women who sit before computers for a long time, watermelon is a good choice.

It can be made into toning lotion. Fresh watermelon juice and peel can make the skin smooth and shiny. Smash it in a bowel and filter the juice which is natural toning lotion. Wear it before the make- up, and you will have a better complexion. Put the rest watermelon juice in the fridge and it is not going to be bad in three days.

It beautifies the hair. Eat watermelons often, and you can have dense, great hair. People who dye the hair frequently can eat more.

But there are also some people who are not suitable to eat watermelons. First, people who have high blood pressure, kidney inflammation and cholecystitis should not eat too much. Second, people who suffer from diabetes and some stomach disease should not eat too much.

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