Isopentyl nitrate we can use

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Isopentyl nitrate we can use  Empty Isopentyl nitrate we can use

Post  lifebe on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:28 pm

As we all known that Isopentyl nitrate can increase the cetane number of diesel 。Cetane improver radical decomposition of heat easily, reducing the ignition point of diesel fuel, which shortened the ignition delay and improve the engine combustion performance. In addition, the cetane improver that should have the physical and chemical properties and the development direction and put forward development proposals. Isoamyl alcohol in 50% HNO3 as raw materials, 50% H2SO4 as the catalyst, the reaction of urea stabilizer, synthetic diesel cetane improver -Isopentyl nitrate Experimentally determined the optimum reaction conditions: boiling conditions, H2SO4: HNO3 (mol: mol) is 2: 1, HNO3: isoamyl alcohol (mol: mol) 1.3:1, by adding urea as HNO3 of 3% are obtained with higher yield and purity of isoamyl nitrate, the reaction smooth and safe. Products by infrared spectroscopy, density and refractive index analysis proved to be isoamyl nitrate. In addition , Isopentyl nitrate also have many other uses. Symblepharon serious sequelae of chemical burns, caused not only affect the facial and eye movements and visual dysfunction. Since the formation of scar separation operation mostly failed to this end, we use a Isopentyl nitrate or the artificial eye made of a diaphragm-like tool wear is called "eye crust", looks like a shell-like artificial eye, the central area A 12mm diameter hole to expose the cornea from wearing.


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