Food Additives Have Been Defamed

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Food Additives Have Been Defamed Empty Food Additives Have Been Defamed

Post  lilyqianweiku on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:08 pm

Nowadays, the safety of food additives has attracted many people’s attention. Nearly all the foods contain additives. For example, a kind of dairy product contains 8 kinds of additives, such as lactic acid, guar gum and aspartame. Even the additive called “benzoyl peroxide” contained in flour has caused scare among the public.

The food additives refer to the artificial substances or the natural substances added into various kinds of foods to improve the food quality, colors and tastes. The legal injection of additives will not threaten the physical health of the human body. Whether a kind of food additive can be added into food or not should be proved by multiple medical experiments. If the food manufacturers add the additives into food in the base of the hygienic standard published by the government, there is no need for the public to worry about the possible harm.

The events in regard to the additives are mainly caused by the illegal operation. The illegal operation refers to improper addition and illegal chemical additives. The food additives and chemical additives are totally different. Food additives are detected by the medical experiments and they are safe for people to eat in a legal range. However, chemical additives like melamine are used by the manufactures in an illegal way and they can threaten the physical health of the human body. Food additives are the essential substances needed by the food processing.

There are several kinds of common chemical additives which people should keep away from. They are tonyred, melamine, boric acid industrial formaldehyde and so on. Tonyred can be added into chili powder. It can seriously cause cancer. In addition, the metabolites of tonyred can also induce the formation of cancer inside the human body. Melamine can be added into dairy products, such as milk powder. It can hurt the genital system and urinary system, cause the kidney calculus and even worsen the kidney functions. Boric acid is mainly added into dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, bean jelly, noodle and dumpling wrapper. The long-term intake of boric acid can cause poisoning inside the human body and even hurt the kidney. Industrial formaldehyde is usually added into dried aquatic products like sleeve-fish so as to improve the appearance and quality of the products. The intake of industrial formaldehyde can destroy the normal metabolism and hurt the central nervous system. Other symptoms like diarrhea and sickness can also be caused.
so we must pay more attention on the food hygenic ,we can make food by ourselves,economical and practical,I like the lift style ,there is old saying "get ample food and clothing by working with our own hands",working hard and pursuit our happiness life.fighting !!!


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