Eight Natural Lipid- Lowering Foods (resveratrol)

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Eight Natural Lipid- Lowering Foods (resveratrol) Empty Eight Natural Lipid- Lowering Foods (resveratrol)

Post  lilyqianweiku on Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:11 am

Excessive lipid increases the blood viscosity and cholesterol, and thus threats health of the heart. Fortunately there are many natural foods that lower the lipid. You can choose some most effective to clear away the excessive lipid.

First, grape: the grape juice and wine both contain resveratrol which can reduce the lipid. Experiments show that it can reduce cholesterol and restrain the platelet aggregation. And thus, grape is one of the best choices for patients with hyperlipidemia.

Second, apple: as it contains much pectin, cellulose and vitamin C, it can lower the lipid. Besides, it can decrease the low density cholesterol in blood and increase the high density cholesterol which is healthy to the heart.

Third, Chinese chives: there are calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar, proteins, vitamin A and vitamin C. Beside, Chinese chives contain carotene and plenty of cellulose which enhance gastric bowel peristalsis and help the discharge of excessive lipid.

Fourth, onion: it contains prostaglandin A, which enlarges blood vessels and reduces the blood pressure. What’s more, it contains organosulfur compound and a few sulphur amino acids which lower the lipid and thus prevent arteriosclerosis.

Fifth, white gourd: rich in proteins and vitamins C, it can remove the excessive lipid and water in the body and thus, help people lose weight.

Sixth, carrot: it contains calcium pectate which can combine with bile acid, and is discharged out of the body. The body needs to utilize the cholesterol in the blood to produce the bile acid and thus, the blood cholesterol is decreased.

Seventh, agaric: it reduces blood coagulum and prevents thrombosis. Besides, it can prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.

Eighth, milk: it contains rich orotic acid and calcium which restrain the cholesterosis in arterial vascular walls. It also restrains the activity of Cholesterol biosynthetic enzymes and thus, reduces the cholesterol.

Besides, people need to pay attention to the following tips to truly lower the lipid.

First, control the intake of calories and lipid. In your diets, you’d better eat less meat and more fish or poultry. Second, remember the intake of calories must be less then the consumption of calories. Third, eat light flavor food. You’d better eat less salt. The more salty the food is, the more you want to eat. Eat less processed food because it contains much sugar, salt and flour, increasing the intake of calories. Fourth, eat vegetables and fruit often. Fifth, balance your diet. Eat regularly and appropriately. Slow down the speed of having meals. Sixth, you should have perseverance and willpower. Try to control the intake of delicious food. Seventh, build a good lifestyle so as to correct your bad dietary habits.


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