The Harmful of Second Hand Smoke

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The Harmful of Second Hand Smoke Empty The Harmful of Second Hand Smoke

Post  yufei on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:10 am

In daily life, there are many people who suffer from second hand smoke. It stimulates eyes, noses and throats and increases the chance to have the lung cancer, heart diseases and respiratory diseases significantly. Thus, we can see second hand smoke is very harmful.Second hand smoke contains more than 4,000 substances, including over 40 kinds of toxic substances. Most of them exist more in side stream smoke rather than in main stream smoke. As a result, non-smokers inhale more toxic substances with radon and other decay products and are damaged a lot.

It is studied that there are about 4,000 harmful substances in the smoke and can be classified into 4 major types:
First, carbon monoxide occupies about 0.04% in the smoke. Its ability to bond with erythrocytes is 210 times stronger than oxygen with erythrocytes. As a result, erythrocytes’ ability to convey oxygen significantly reduce and there is inadequate oxygen supply for human bodies.

Second, when nicotine comes into bodies, it causes blood vessel of extremities contract, heart beat fast, and blood pressure rise. Besides, people’s mental status is changed ( becoming very high) and often are short of breath. All of these can induce high blood pressure, blockage and stroke.

Third, stimulating substances not only stimulate eyes, noses and throats but also damages mucosa of bronchus. As a result, acute bronchitis or chronic bronchitis occurs.

Fourth, carcinogens include nicotine and many radioactive elements, like polonium. Such substances volatilize when people smoking, and are inhaled by people. When they accumulate in human bodies, they release particule α and thus damage cells and tissues, immunity decreased, and cancer cells created.


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