N234 carbon black and N375 carbon black

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N234 carbon black and N375 carbon black Empty N234 carbon black and N375 carbon black

Post  gill on Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:32 am

Carbon black (CAS no 1333-86-4), a form of amorphous carbon, is a kind of black pellet or powder and it mainly consists of carbon element. This material could be produced from the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon compoud with solid, liquid, and gaseous state.

N234 carbon black
(1)This carbon black is used in high-speed tire tread and high-quality rubber products.
(2)This product has the better wear resistance than N220, N242 and N339 and its wear resistance is 10% higher than N220's. When used in high-demanding condition, it could show its wear resistance better. With good adhesive materials processing performance, it is widely applied in all kinds of rubber and the surface it press is smooth. However, it also has the weakness, such as with higher generating heat and high hysteresis loss.

N375 carbon black
(1)The purpose of this product is basically the same with the N339, which is mainly used in saloon car, load tire and cross-country tire surface glue material, and also used in conveyer belt cover glue.
(2)With the much lower structure and vulcanization heat than N339, the basic usage and function of this prodcut are nealy the same with N339.


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