The Application and Prospect of Tetrahydrofuran

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The Application and Prospect of Tetrahydrofuran Empty The Application and Prospect of Tetrahydrofuran

Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:49 pm

Tetrahydrofuran is a kind of colorless liquid with a taste similar to that of ethyl ether. It can be dissolved in water and many other organic solvents. It is venenous with the maximum permissible concentration in the air reaching 200 multiply 10-6. As a universal solvent, tetrahydrofuran can be widely used in many fields, such as surface coating, protective costing, printing ink, extracting agent and surface processing of artificial leather. Tetrahydrofuran and 1, 4- butanediol can be used together to produce PTMG through polycondensation. Through a further step of another polycondensation, PTMEG can be produced which is used to produce PU Elastomers, polyurethane fiber, special-purposed synthetic rubber and some other coatings with specific purposes. Tetrahydrofuran can also conduct reactions with carbon monoxide under a certain pressure at a certain temperature to produce hexanedioic acid, and then hexanedioic acid is conversed into ethylenediamine which will be conversed into nylon 66 with a wide range of usage. PTHF which is synthesized of tetrahydrofuran can replace MDI to produce polyurethane synthetic leather.
With the development of modern technology, the advantages of tetrahydrofuran are not only used chemical industrial field. Nowadays, tetrahydrofuran has been applied to many other fields and studies. The range includes from pharmaceutical industry to textile industry. Because of the masterly integration, all the industries get advanced developments. Some typical progresses will be introduced in details as followings.

In pharmaceutical industry, tetrahydrofuran can be used to produce carbetapentane citrate, progesterone, rifamycin and so on. In addition, tetrahydrofuran can be considered as pharmaceutical solvent. As tetrahydrofuran has a fine property of evaporation, it is suitable to make use of tetrahydrofuran in the fine magnetic tape industry and bond production. Tetrahydrofuran can not only synthesize polyether, but also produce polyurethane rubber. In addition, it can also be used to produce such chemicals as thiophane, 1, 4- dutch liquid, and pyrrolidone.

Except the usage for PTHEG production, tetrahydrofuran can also be made use of as raw material to extract elastomeric materials like segmented polyurethanes and polyether. Compared with other elastomeric materials, elastomeric materials made of PTHEG have better properties such as hydrolytic stability, breathability and durability. What’s more, even at low temperatures, elastomeric materials made of PTHEG manifest better elasticity, flexibility and impact resistance. Just because of these unique advantages, elastomeric materials made of PTHEG have a bright prospective in being applied to many industries including textile, tubing, chemistry and medical instrument.

From all these words mentioned above, it is clear that tetrahydrofuran is an important kind of raw material for organic chemical industry and fine chemical industry. It can be widely used in resinsolvent, reactive solvent, chemical intermediate and chromatographic solvent. Resinsolvent mainly includes magnetic tape coating, PVC surface coating, cellophane coating, printing ink, thermoplastic polyurethane coating and so on; reactive solvent includes Grignard reagent, macromolecule organic polymer, etc.; chemical intermediate stands for things like natural gas odorant; chromatographic solvent means things like gel permeation chromatography. Nowadays, tetrahydrofuran has become an important development direction of organic chemical industry. It will get more achievements in the future.


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