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Good Habits Extend Your Life Empty Good Habits Extend Your Life

Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:38 pm

Nowadays, people have been trying various ways to extend the life and resist the aging. Actually, in our daily life, many good habits can help us prolong the life. Six good habits will be explained as follows.

First, people should increase the intake of the foods in bright colors. The fresh foods in bright colors can resist the oxidation and defer the aging for the human body. For example, the medical research has proved that the polyphenol contained in purple grapes and blueberry can effectively decrease the risks of getting heart disease and prevent the senile dementia. The pterostilbene made of blueberry and grape can not only treat fungal infection, but also decrease the cholesterol and adjust the blood sugar.

Second, people walk outside for half an hour every day. According to the latest medical research, people who usually walk outside can have a longer life than people who always sit inside the house. Therefore, people can frequently have a walk outside when they are free.

Third, people should keep away from the carbonated beverage. The medical experts have found out that the frequent intake of carbonated beverage can increase the risks of getting heart disease and diabetes for the human body. The carbonated beverage can even hurt the cells inside the human body and cause aging. The preservatives contained in the beverage can seriously affect the human health.

Fourth, people should drink tea frequently in everyday life. A kind of natural composition called “catechol” contained in tea can effectively restrain the accumulation of toxic protein, protect the brain cells and maintain the cognitive competence for the brain. The caffeine contained in tea leaves contain a kind of natural protein called “theanine”. The theanine can effectively prevent the side effects caused by caffeine, such as headache and increasing blood pressure.

Fifth, people should decrease the intake of red meat, or the risks of getting colon cancer can be seriously increased. Even the smoked meat and fried foods should be avoided so as to prevent the intestinal cancer.

Sixth, people should keep good relations with their friends, neighbors, colleagues and so on. The good interpersonal relationship is an important bumper to deal with the high pressure. If people always bear high pressure and mental tension, the immune system will be affected and the aging of cells can be accelerated. Therefore, people should learn how to get along well with each other in everyday life.


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