Men Should Value Physical Examination before Their Wives Conceive

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Men Should Value Physical Examination before Their Wives Conceive Empty Men Should Value Physical Examination before Their Wives Conceive

Post  lilyqianweiku on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:31 pm

Before a woman become pregnant, the couple should do a lot of preparations to decrease the risks of fetal anomaly. For example, people should eliminate various unbeneficial factors, such as changeable weather and epidemic diseases. However, some people always think that the physical situations of the fetuses are mainly decided by the physical health and nutritional supplementation of the pregnant women. In fact, men should also pay attention to the physical examination before their wives get pregnant.

According to the medical experts, the physical examination of a man mainly includes the detection of fertility, the detection of epidemic diseases and the detection of genetic disorders. Among these three kinds of detections, the detection of fertility includes various projects. First, the sexual functions will be examined to be normal or not. Second, the quality of sperm will be detected. In addition, the organs of producing, storing and transporting sperm should be detected. For example, the doctors will judge whether the man has been attacked by prostatitis and orchitis. Third, the anti-sperm antibody will be tested. The existence of anti-sperm antibody is an important reason of causing immuno-infertility. In fact, the physical examination can not be conducted just by medical instruments. The doctors should carefully ask about the occupations, living environment and the medical history of the man. The man should tell the doctors the medical history concretely. If the man always touches chemical products or radiation in everyday life, the doctors will further examine the physical situations for the man.

Except physical examination, the dietary adjustment should be paid great attention to. Men should increase the intake of the foods containing high-quality protein, such as fish, lean meat, egg and bean product. At the same time, men should absorb trace elements in time. The trace elements are the essential nutrients for the sperm to develop healthily. Generally speaking, selenium is abundantly contained in black soy bean and black rice, and zinc is richly contained in dairy products like milk. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E can also accelerate the development of sperm. Men should also maintain proper living habits. They should learn to relax themselves and remove depression and high pressure properly.

Therefore, men should not ignore the physical examination and healthy living habits before their wives become pregnant. Both men and women should attach great importance to the preparations before the pregnancy so as to maintain the fetuses healthy.


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