Energy Agriculture Should Be Developed

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Energy Agriculture Should Be Developed Empty Energy Agriculture Should Be Developed

Post  lilyqianweiku on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:28 pm

Most people think that biomass energy mainly includes biomass electricity, biodiesel and fuel ethanol. In fact, the category of biomass energy is rather large. It contains all the organic substances which contain energy. The bioenergy can be obtained by transforming the energy contained in organic substances in all manner of ways.

Generally speaking, the biological energy can be divided into solid-state energy, liquid-state energy and gas-state energy. The liquid-state energy mainly includes biodiesel and fuel ethanol and gas-state energy mainly includes methane and natural gas. However, the development of biological energy has been restrained by various factors. For example, the comprehension deviation and the market environment both affect the normal development of the bioenergy. In addition, the industrial policy also renders the bioenergy development.

The biggest characteristic of biological energy is the disperse raw materials. The factory can produce the special energy in rural areas. The production of bioenergy can make full use of the waste straws and woods. According to the present situation, the producing technology of biological energy has been developed to a relatively mature level, which is rather beneficial to the industry.

Although the technology has been greatly developed, the development is still in its babyhood. The development potential in the future is very large. The production of bioenergy has experienced three stages. At the beginning, the bioenergy was manufactured by grains. Then, the production was developed to cellulosic ethanol. Nowadays, the new-generation ethanol has been improved. The progress has saved lots of resources for the world.

However, during the development process, many people have come up with their objections. Some people think that it is difficult and expensive to gather straws. Some people even think the production of bioenergy can consume a large number of grains and affect the food security of the human beings. In addition, the link chain of producing bioenergy is rather complex with many trivial details. In order to tackle these objections, the advantages and benefits of bioenergy must be shown to people and the environment. The production of bioenergy like wind energy and biomass energy can support the industry in rural areas and make full use of the wastes produced by the urban areas. The traditional production of energy can seriously pollute the environment and consume lots of non-renewable resources. Therefore, it is necessary to development bioenergy. At the same time, the energy agriculture should be greatly development so as to provide raw materials for the bioenergy production.


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