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Magic Usages of Orange Empty Magic Usages of Orange

Post  gill on Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:34 am

It is known to all orange contains abundant vitamin C, which is rather beneficial to our health and skin care. In fact, the usage range of orange is very wide. Generally speaking, there are nearly various usages which can be made use of to improve our health.

The first product made from orange is orange juice which can be used to replenish physical strength. After you do some exercise, you can drink some orange juice, which contains rich fructose to replenish your physical strength quickly. In addition, the as high as 85% of water in the juice can effectively help you quench the thirst. One point to be especially paid attention to is that the fresh orange juice should be drunk in half an hour.

The orange juice can be used to make facial masks. First, you saturate your face towel in orange juice and then use the face towel to dab at your face skin about five minutes and last wash your face by clean water. Thus, not only the makeup can be removed cleanly, but also the dirt and sebum inside the face skin can be cleaned at the same time. However, the skin cleaned by orange juice should not get sunburnt.

The salad made of orange can enhance the human immunity. Orange can provide all the nutrients contained in the fruits, which can enhance human immunity, promote the causative agent, and accelerate wound healing. What’s more, it can supplement the dietary fiber and help to defecate. The smokers should eat orange as many as possible, while the patients with gallbladder and gastritis should be rather careful in eating orange. In addition, the flesh can be cut into many thin pieces which are taken as eye masks. You can use your fingers to press these pieces lightly so as to make sure the eyes can absorb the nutrients and moisture adequately.

The flesh of orange has so many benefits, and so does the flavedo. The flavedo contains lots of flavonoid ingredients and vitamin C, accelerates the skin metabolism and improves the resistence of skin capillaries. What’s more, the flavedo can be used to cool soup, which is effective in improving free radicals and keeping the skin smooth and resilient. In addition, a sachet filled with the flavedo can do quite well in anti-mosquito and hypnosis. The sachet can be put in kitchen, rest room or fridge to remove strong smells and keep the air fresh.

In short, orange has so many benefits which should be made full use of to improve people’s body and skin’s health.


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