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Post  yufei on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:34 pm

Influenced by financial storm, new energy industry begins to decline. However, Jun Xin Technology Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province not only successfully avoids recession, but also carries out the plan to open European and American markets.

Jun Xin Technology Co., Ltd., a star in solar energy industry, has the capability of producing 100 megawatt solar cell and 50 megawatt component element. At the beginning of its establishment, Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. expects to open European market. In July 2007, Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. came into the market in London exchange. Later, Jun Xin European Technology Co. Ltd was set up in Switzerland, and 13 organizations of product distribution were established in Europe. At first, the company did business in the name of a domestic company in Europe, which was easy to break down trade barrier and convenient to develop into an operator of a solar power station. However, the economic downturn in Europe extremely bothered Gai Lijin, CEO of Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. Most of the products were exported to European land, and the euro became devaluated, which forced the actual profits of the company fall down. In addition, German and Spanish governments reduced their subsidy, and credit contraction gave capital raising great trouble for European installers. All these unexpected situations produced considerable challenges for Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd.

In order to get rid of such troubles, Gai Lijin changed his development strategy and tries to transform into the operator of solar power station and the supplier of solutions for photovoltaic system at a lower level. Because of the lack of experiences, Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. decided to cooperate with European installers to establish stations together. They set up 11 small and medium solar power stations. From this attempt, Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. learnt how to get subsidy from local governments in Europe and strengthened the ability of getting loan from the local banks, which created necessary conditions for itself to establish the station independently. Gai Lijin said that cooperation was a better way to expand the business in European market and avoid possible rises and falls influenced by the current economy.

According to a research report made by Deutsche Bank, the supply of multicrystal silicon in solar power industry has extremely exceeded the demand of that. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the industrial chain downward deeply. The company which owns vertically integrated industrial chain from batteries to providing electric power will be least affected by storming period.

In order to lock market share, Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. has concluded and signed long-term contract with the top five European installers. Now taking the advantage of financial crisis and stock downturn, the company positively purchases or shares the stocks of solar power station installers abroad so as to open larger and larger European market. Jun Xin Technology Co. Ltd. also turns its looks in American market. Now great effects are being taken to obtain American permissive license for its products so as to get subsidy from American government and open local market as early as possible.


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