Three Ways to Make Your Beauty Reappear

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Three Ways to Make Your Beauty Reappear Empty Three Ways to Make Your Beauty Reappear

Post  yufei on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:26 am

As time flies, we are getting more and more mature. During the process, many problems about our skin and beauty may be caused. For example, the skin may become sagging. Therefore, it is important to maintain our skin healthy and elastic in our daily life. Generally speaking, there are three ways to reproduce our beauty.

The first magic weapon is water. Drinking water is the first step to resist being aged. Water in the body plays an important role in conveying useful substances like nutrient and hormone and removing the rubbish inside body. The lack of enough water always influences the homeostasis and skin balancing. Thus, the skin cannot resist the pollution in the air such as ultraviolet rays and smog quite well. Then it is necessary to drink kinds of water including tea, mineral water and herbal tea every day. Among these kinds of drinks, tea is more beneficial to our skin, as tea contains rich phenol, a kind of antioxidant compound which can resist the erosion caused by free radicals to cells. However, it is unwise to drink tea too much, which will disturb our sleep and destroy the stability of iron inside our body.

The second way to reproduce our beauty is to eat fruits and vegetables as many as possible. Fruits and vegetables contain much water and vitamin like Vitamin C and β-carotene and many other antioxidant compounds like phospholipids and haematochrome, which not only enables to make the skin ruddy and radiant but also can trap free radicals, substances to erode the skin. Therefore, it is advised by the experts that people should eat lots of carrots, whose content of β-carotene is unmatched. Tropical fruits including guavas, kiwi fruits, strawberries and oranges can effectively complement Vitamin C. Vegetables which containing rich Vitamin C include pimentos, broccolis , tomatoes and so on.

Plant oil is the third magic weapon to make our skin elastic and healthy. Fat is a necessary matter to protect skin cell tissue. The “fat” here means the phospholipids inside epicyte which can protect cells and maintain the internal exchanges inside cells. Therefore, plant oil is quite important in our daily life, as its aliphatic acids can maintain metastasis of cells. Some of its aliphatic acids can even be used as lubricant oil for cells so as to limit moisture loss and avoid dry skin. The reason for why aliphatic acid is so necessary for us is that our skin cannot produce such a kind of substance as plants. So we have to obtain aliphatic acid through plant oil, oil-bearing crops like walnuts and almond and cod-liver oil. Except aliphatic acid, rich Vitamin E is also contained in plant oil. Simply speaking, edible plant oil can not only supplement water for our skin but also delay skin aging.

In short, three ways can be made use of to make our beauty reappear. These ways include drinking much water, eating fruits and vegetables and absorbing edible plant oil.


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