Chemical Production Method Created by Biological Technology

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Chemical Production Method Created by Biological Technology Empty Chemical Production Method Created by Biological Technology

Post  yufei on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:22 am

The development of biological technology not only accelerates the development of biology but also improves other disciplines and industries. For example, more and more biological techniques are applied to chemical industry, which provides new products and new production methods for chemical industry. There are two typical examples to show the conjunction of biological technology and chemical industry.

The first example is the zymotechnics of glycerin production. Because of the increasing price of chemical raw materials, the source limitation of natural oil and the decreasing output of soap production, glycerin production through chemical decomposition and extraction is extremely affected by economic conditions. While, the conditions to realize glycerin production through zymotechnics are easy to get. For example, the source of raw materials is rather rich; the equipments don’t need to be complex and difficult to operate. Just because of these simple factors, the zymotechnics of glycerin production has a rather bright future. According to various studies, strains used to glycerine fermentation mainly include saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition, different bacterial strains have different ways of synthesis. The raw material for the zymotechnics of glycerin production is starch. The zymotechnics of glycerin production in our country has reached the top class in the world, which can produce both medical glycerin and edible glycerin. The output of glycerin through modern biological technology has exceeded 10,000 tons per year. However, the competence between the zymotechnics of glycerin production and the chemical method is very severe. The economical efficiency of these two methods depends on the price of petroleum. With the development of the application of computerized automation & control technology to fermentation industry and the deeper study of metabolism control of glycerin fermentation on microorganisms, especially the development and application of high-yield gene engineering bacteria, biological method of glycerin production will be greatly developed.

1, 3-propanediol is an important kind of chemical raw materials which can be used as menstruum, antifreeze agent and protective agent. In addition, it can participate in various chemical synthesized reactions to produce such polycondensates as polyether. Nowadays, all the 1, 3-propanediol is produced by chemical methods. However, the chemical methods not only consume non-renewable resources but also pollute the environment. Characterized by “green chemistry”, bioconversion of 1, 3-propanediol production takes glucose and glycerin conversed by glucose and other renewable resources as raw materials, which can be operated in a clean way without environmental pollution. What’s more, the application of gene engineering techniques to construction of microorganism is a valuable study project in the future. The production of 1, 3-propanediol by engineering bacteria makes use of microorganisms transformed by transgenosis and conducts fermentation in a one-step process through cheap substrates to produce 1, 3-propanediol directly.

Lactic acid is one kind of fine chemicals with multi-roles which can be used in food, medicine, textiles, agriculture, etc. nowadays, more and more lactic acid is produced by biological fermentation than making use of chemical synthesis whose products are not as pure as those produced by biological fermentation. Therefore, people will pay more and more attention to biological fermentation of lactic acid production in the future.


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