How to Prevent Blain in Summer

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How to Prevent Blain in Summer Empty How to Prevent Blain in Summer

Post  yufei on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:15 am

In summer, blain has become a serious problem for many people. The sebum is secreted by glandula sebacea is increased sharply, which result in the constant generation of blain. Of course, some other reasons can also lead to the generation of blain. Then how to prevent blain effectively has been asked by many people. Some small but useful tips are provided here.

The first one is you’d better choose neutral cleansing foams with the functions of removing makeup and dispelling oil. You must use such products at least two times a day. After cleansing the face, you can use fresh smoothing toner to wipe the face. In addition, you can use mask to remove horniness and clean pores at least once a week.

The second tip is provided for people with oily skin. These people should not only wash face frequently, but also wash hair frequently. The oil secreted by the head can cause the generation of blain at the boundary between the head and the face.

Another tip is to pay great attention to ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. The serious ultraviolet rays can destroy the structure of the skin and make the skin more sensitive, which can not only exacerbate the blain but also hurt the skin easily. Therefore, before you go outside, you’d better wear some sunscreen cream in order to avoid skin problems.

Forming good habits in daily life is rather important. For example, you should never use hands to touch the blain, eat fruits and vegetables as many as possible and keep enough sleeping. Fruits are rather beneficial to the removal of blain. Foods containing much pigment, artificial favoring and caffeine should be forced out from your diet schedule. At the same time, the diet should be never too oily, too sweet and too excitant. It is advisable to drink milk to improve the functions of intestinal tract. You must also keep far from cigarettes and wine.

Some people always generate the blain nearby the mouth. These people should pay attention to the toothpaste they use. The oxidizing materials in the toothpaste always cause blain. Therefore, people should avoid using the toothpaste containing fluorine. After brushing the tooth, people should remove the foam of toothpaste left around the mouth cleanly.

It is can be said that the generation of blain is caused by diverse reasons. In fact, these reasons can be avoided by forming good habits in daily life. For example, good cleansing ways should be found to remove the oil on the face, the first reason for the generation of blain.


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