How to Treat Insomnia

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How to Treat Insomnia Empty How to Treat Insomnia

Post  yufei on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:40 pm

Modern people work and live under great pressure and thus are not easy to fall asleep. Most people are sub-healthy, affecting their life quality a lot. Thus, we should look for some way to treat insomnia. The safest and simplest way to improve the situation is food therapy.

1. drinking vinegar
When you have a long journey and feel too tired to sleep. At this moment, you can put a spoonful of vinegar into a cup of warm water and drink it slowly. After dinner, you close your eyes and relax, and then you will quickly fall asleep.

2. drinking sugar water
If you can not sleep because of anger and irritation, you can drink a cup of sugar water because sugar water can turn into lots of serotonin which can restrain pallium excitement so that you can sleep quickly.

3. drinking milk
Tryptophan in milk is one of eight essential amino acids which can restrain pallium excitement. What’s more, tryptophan makes people feel fatigue. A glass of milk can let people sleep more easily.

4. eating fruits
When you can not sleep because of fatigue, you can eat some apples or bananas before going to bed as they have anti-fatigue function. Besides, when you put some oranges next to your pillar, their fragrance helps sleep.

5. eating bread
When you can not sleep, you can eat some bread which helps you calm down and have a nice sleep.

6. eating millet
There are many nutrient components in millet, including plenty of tryptophan. According to Chinese doctors, millet can fortify the spleen and the stomach and aid sleep. You just need to cook millet into porridge and eat it at dinner or before going to sleep.

In addition to food therapy, of course we should pay attention on people’s psychological problems. When people take measures as measures as follows, they will find they are easier to fall asleep.

First, keep optimistic. You should have a correct attitude towards social competition and personal gains or losses. In that case, you can avoid the psychological imbalance caused by frustration.

Second, keep your life regular. You need to sleep and get up regularly.

Third, create a conditional reflex mechanism that is useful for sleep, such as have a hot bath, soak the feet, and drink milk half an hour before going to sleep. As long as you insist for a long while, you will create the conditional reflex mechanism.

Fourth, do sports at daytime helps sleep at night.

Fifth, form a good sleep habit, for example keeping the bedroom clean, quite, and out of the light. You don’t drink tea or wine before sleep.

Sixth, self- adjust and self- suggest. You can relax yourself by repeating numbers. Sometimes when you relax a bit, you can easily fall asleep.

Seventh, limit the time of sleep in the day. Old people can take a nap at noon. Other people should avoid the nap, otherwise, your sleep time of night is reduced.

Eighth, remember bed is for sleep. Do not read, watch TV or work in the bed. Go to bed on time and get up on time.

I believe if people who have insomnia follow the above steps, they can get back their sleep.


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How to Treat Insomnia Empty Re: How to Treat Insomnia

Post  shagydeep on Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:55 pm

Your tips are really very unique and sounds great. I will try this out...


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