Benefits of Red Wine

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Benefits of Red Wine Empty Benefits of Red Wine

Post  yufei on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:33 pm

Tannin contained in red wine can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. Vitamin c, vitamin E and carotene in it have the function of anti- oxidation so that human bodies normally metabolize. It is said that drinking a small cup of red wine before sleep can lose weight.

Red wine constructs a good physique
Phenols, like haematochrome and flavonoid in red wine can improve the amount of “good cholesterol” and prevent blood toxin. Thus, it is easy to have fitness.

Red wine reduces oedema
Wine has the functions of invigorating the circulation of blood and warming the body, with the addition of rich iron it contains, and thus it can improve anemia and reduce the unnecessary water. You’d better drink it before sleep as it can help sleep and warm the body slowly. In this way, the original slow metabolism at night becomes fast and burns much fat. What’s more, grape polyphenols of it can relax your body and inhibit the overindulgence.

Red wine calms nerves
Red wine, not like other food, can be absorbed without digestion. Within a reasonable consumption of wine, it directly affects the peripheral nervous system and gives people comfort and joy. Thus, people’s thinking is more agile and opinions more accurate. For people with anxiety disorders, drinking some wine can calm their nerves and avoid the side- effects brought by sedative.

Red wine helps digestion
In human’s stomach, 60-100 mg red wine helps production of gastric juice, to 120 ml (including 1 mg free hydrochloric acid). It also helps assimilation of protein. Thus, red wine adjusts the function of colons, curative to colitis. Sweet-white wine contains potassium sorbate which helps secretion of bile and pancreas and thus it helps digestion.

Red wine is diuretic
Potassium tartrate and potassium sulphate in some white wine are diuretic and prevent oedema.

Red wine kills bacteria
Long ago, people knew wine can kill bacteria. For example, one of traditional ways to prevent flu is to drink hot wine. Maybe because of polyphenol, it can kill bacteria.

Red wine prevents cardiovascular diseases
Red wine can improve the amount of high-density lipoprotein which carries cholesterol in blood to the liver and there turns it into cholic acid. In this way, cholesterol can not accumulate in endangium and thus prevents arteriosclerosis. Proanthocyanidin in red wine also plays an important role.

It seems that drinking some red wine is definitely helpful to health. However, we should pay attention to not drink too much. hydrochloric acid


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Benefits of Red Wine Empty Benefits of Red Wine

Post  shagydeep on Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:43 pm

Wow you have so much positive effect and firstly i was thinking it is alcohol thanks..


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