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architectural coatings rapid development Empty architectural coatings rapid development

Post  dictionary on Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:14 am

Emulsioni paint also called synthetic resin emulsion coatings, is a kind of organic coatings, based on synthetic resin emulsion based add dye, packing and various additives made from a kind of water-borne coatings. According to the production of raw materials, emulsioni paint main have different polyvinyl acetate emulsioni paint, ethylene-propylene emulsioni paint, pure acrylic emulsion and styrene-acrylic emulsioni paint etc varieties, According to the different environmental product applies, emulsioni paint of the wall inside and divided into two walls rujiaoqi, According to the adornment of burnish effect and can be divided into light, matte, half light and mercerizing and a light type etc.
Emulsioni paint is building coating the mainstream of development, reform and opening-up, our sustained, rapid economic development, gradually improving people's living standard and promoted the rapid development, the construction of the rapid development of construction industry and promoted the rapid development of architectural coatings.


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