The properties of Phenylboronic acid

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The properties of Phenylboronic acid Empty The properties of Phenylboronic acid

Post  gill on Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:52 pm

Phenylboronic acid, abbreviated as PhB(OH)2 where Ph is the phenyl group C6H5-, is a boronic acid containing a phenyl substituent and two hydroxyl groups attached to boron. Phenylboronic acid is white powder and is commonly used in organic synthesis. Boronic acids are mild Lewis acids which are generally stable and easy to handle, making them important to organic synthesis.
Phenylboronic acid is soluble in most polar organic solvents and is poorly soluble in hexanes and carbon tetrachloride. This planar compound has idealized C2V molecular symmetry. The boron atom is sp2-hybridized and contains an empty p-orbital. The orthorhombic crystals use hydrogen bonding to form units made up of two molecules. These dimeric units are combined to give an extended hydrogen-bonded network. The molecule is planar with a minor bend around the C-B bond of 6.6o and 21.4o for the two PhB(OH)2 molecules.


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