The use of manganese sulfate

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The use of manganese sulfate Empty The use of manganese sulfate

Post  gill on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:55 am

Manganese sulfate is one of the important trace element fertilizers can be used as base fertilizer, seed soaking, seed dressing, top dressing and foliar spray, can promote the growth of crops to increase production. In animal husbandry and feed industry,
manganese sulfate used as feed additives, livestock development can make good, and fattening effect. Is processing paint, printing ink driers; Tea Manganese solution of raw materials; synthesis of fatty acids as a catalyst; In addition, manganese sulfate can be used for paper, ceramics, printing and dyeing, ore flotation; manganese in the production of raw materials and the manufacture of other Mn Salt materials; also used for battery, smelting catalysts, reagents, mordant, additives, pharmaceutical excipients.


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