Electrical properties of zinc oxide

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 Electrical properties of zinc oxide Empty Electrical properties of zinc oxide

Post  gill on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:29 pm

At room temperature, the energy band gap of ZnO is about 3.3 eV, therefore, pure zinc oxide is a colorless and transparent. High-energy band gap of zinc oxide breakdown voltage brings high ability to maintain electric, electronic noise, can withstand the power advantages.Zinc oxide mixed with a certain proportion of magnesium oxide or cadmium oxide, lead in the 3-4 eV energy band gap between the changes.Even without the incorporation of any other material, zinc oxide with N-type semiconductor characteristics. N type semiconductor compounds have been considered a non-integer ratio of atoms, whereas the study of pure zinc oxide has become a counter-example.Use of aluminum, gallium, indium, step III main group element or chlorine, iodine and other halogens can adjust the N-type semiconductor properties.


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