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Post  lilyqianweiku on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:03 pm

Competition makes people original and creative. It very necessary to compete if human society wants to advance. (Even animals compete for survival.) Without it, we would become lazy and nobody would rake any responsibility. When three monks live together, there will be no drinking water. This Chinese proverb vividly describes why China's productivity was so low before Mr. Deng came to power. At that time, we had the so-called planned economy. There was no competition at all. So neither farmers nor workers worked hard. China was on the edge of collapse.
Competition can stimulate people to try their best to do anything. For example, in 100-meter race, each sportsman runs as quickly as possible, trying to win the champion. The same things happen in our society and in our daily life. If a company wants to surpass others, it must compete with them. It must raise its efficiency. All the companies doing this will no doubt benefit the whole society and the whole human race.
Being a student, I must compete with other students in our studies. I must study hard in all the fields so that I can be a useful man when I enter the society after graduation.


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