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Post  lilyqianweiku on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:43 pm

Nothing is more valuable than health. It is the fountain of one’s future success. A healthy person can always be energetic and enjoy his life and achieve what he hopes for in his career. On the other hand, poor in health, a person can not achieve much success though he is wee-educated.
  Then, what should we do to maintain and enhance our health? There are many ways which help to build up our health. Firstly, we should keep a balanced diet and that is to say, we should not have too much intake of animal fat, but more vegetables and fruits. Secondly, if one wants to keep fit, he must give up the habits that damage his health. Finally, regular physical exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body.
  In conclusion, if everyone can stick to what is mentioned above, one can always keep fit and pursue one’s career effectively.


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