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About PCB design! Empty About PCB design!

Post  yufei on Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:18 am

It generally adopts double-sided board or multi-sided board in PCB design; the functions of each layer are clearly classified. There have two cases about component packaging of multilayer structure, one is needle type packaging, and namely the guide hole of welding spots have impenetrate the entire circuit board, one another is STM packaging, its welding spots are confined to the surface layer. The span of components refers to the distance between the formed components. You can design the PCB with the help of protel98 / protel99se, etc, which provide a powerful function to achieve the circuit layout design, that to complete the high difficulty wiring job.

The specific procedures can be summed up as follows:
1. The preparations before designing
2. Enter the PCB design system
3. Set up the size of relevant parameters on the circuit boards, and the parameters about the number of PCB layers.
4. Introduce the generated net list
5. Fix up the location of component packaging
6. Set up the wiring rules
7. Automatic wiring
8. Output through the printer or preserve by hard copy
And the related circuit is PCBA


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