Seafood is great to cure male sterility

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Seafood is great to cure male sterility

Post  dictionary on Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:38 pm

L-arginine base is composition of human sperm, it is the main provider of nitrogen. it will lead to spermatozoon growth disorders if lack of L-arginine base, lack of L-arginine base can also cause the sperm counts decrease and the male sterility.
L-arginine base is also the important raw materials of human body cell protein and nucleoprotein. to ribonucleoprotein maintain weight and plays an important role in nitrogen balance. L-arginine base is to promote human hormones, such as growth hormone epinephrine, insulin, etc.
L-arginine base also has the function of regulating immunity. in the immune system, it can enhance the vitality of lymphocytes phagocytes, it can activate the cellular immune response. it is good to eliminate the destruction by stress state to thymus. It have anticancer functions.
body cannot synthetize L-arginine base by self, so human must absorb it from food. sea cucumber, cuttlefish, octopus and other seafood is full of L-arginine base. beans, peanuts, sesame, sardines, beef, eel, sesame seed, walnut, frozen bean curd, etc, also contain L-arginine base.


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