About Basic zirconium carbonate

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About Basic zirconium carbonate

Post  dictionary on Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:23 pm

Chemical Name: Zirconium basic carbonate
CAS Number: 57219-64-4
Chemical Formula: Zr(OH)2.CO3.ZrO2
Description: high purity zirconium basic carbonate as a moist white paste also known as zirconium carbonate.
Applications: Zirconium basic carbonate in a high purity grade for use in catalysis and also a reactive grade for use in the production of paint driers.
Zirconium basic carbonate is perhaps the most important zirconium chemical as it is often the pre-cursor material for many zirconium products. high performing zirconium basic carbonate which be produced by the precipitation of zirconium basic sulphate are suitable for the production of a range of zirconium based chemicals used in catalysis, paper coating and paint driers to name a few.


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