Operation instruction of ball grinding mill

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Operation instruction of ball grinding mill Empty Operation instruction of ball grinding mill

Post  greenli on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:14 am

Ball grinding mill is a big stone machine in industry. So you have to care and obey the operation instruction when using it.
1, Check well before driving mechanical and electrical parts, check whether all connecting bolts are loose; insure all lubricating points lubrication is normal, reliable transmission device is normal, protective equipment in good condition, electrical instrument is sensitive, the motor carbon brush in good contact.
2, check the ball grinding mill all around, make sure there is no obstacle and eliminate if there is. Ensure no people when it is started
3, After checking, press start button to start the motor, pay attention to the current changes. Grinding ball mill starts shall not exceed two times, first time and second time every 5 minutes or more, if starting a third time, must be after checking together with electrician, fitter, before starting. Not with other equipment, to crisscross starting, so as not to trip.
4, After grinding ball machine normal operation, we will strictly feed, add the provisions of the steel ball, avoid over load operation, idle time is not more than 15 minutes, in order to avoid breaking plate.
5, Pay attention to whether the cylinder leak slurry in the operation, current, voltage, feeding, water supply is normal, every half an hour check the motor and spindle temperature is not more than 60 ° С, handle any problem in time.
6, Observe whether the hollow shaft, oil ring in turn take oil, temperature of the hollow shaft is normal in operation, if hollow shaft fever, and close to the tile burning, immediately take cooling measures, but not stop immediately, so as not to cause "journal sticking". At the same time pay attention to the oil amount, temperature, lubricating regularly
7, Ball mill should be stopped feeding before parking, standby in concentration after the treatment, stop water supply. Press stop button, pull the switch.

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Operation instruction of ball grinding mill Empty Re: Operation instruction of ball grinding mill

Post  shagydeep on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:28 pm

Nice information.Laughing 


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