The classification of asphalt

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The classification  of asphalt Empty The classification of asphalt

Post  carol on Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:07 pm

Bituminous coal tar pitch can be divided into primary, petroleum bitumen and natural asphalt in three ways. One, coking coal tar is a byproduct. Asphalt is the residue after distillation of crude oil. Natural asphalt is stored in the ground, and some form seam or surface accumulation in the crust. How about the composition ?

Composition of aggregate particles atcs as a supportive role for the asphalt concrete. It must use the appropriate size with the particle diameter ratio, a "grading." Grading must be in harmony with the carrying capacity. In order to achieve good load capacity, when mixing different sizes of aggregate,we must make it as close as we can. Construction must achieve proper compression ratio, to make the gap between the asphalt concrete aggregate as little as possible. In addition, the composition of asphalt concrete aggregate should also ensure that their frost resistance and smoothness of the layer of asphalt concrete pavement.
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Main purpose:
The asphalt is mainly used as a basis for construction materials, raw materials and fuel. Its application are quite wide,such as transportation (roads, railways, aviation, etc.), construction, agriculture, water conservancy, industry (mining, manufacturing), civil and other sectors.


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