A light ,not just as you see

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A  light ,not just as you see Empty A light ,not just as you see

Post  lincohn on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:54 pm

Intelligent solar camping light combined distributed lighting, spot lighting, radios, solar battery charging, USB charging, phone charging and luminous compass functions into one, along with the intelligent control system. Under the premise of control system in normal lighting, security systems, radio and the internal and external discharge, but also with intelligent protection, auto-detection. Idea

Input module include solar panels and a USB mains charger interface Control module includes built-in battery charge control, lighting control, radio control, light control and built-in battery charger for cell phone control . All these things effectively ensure the the good functioning of the whole system and the efficient use of energy. The output module included four parts ,such as astigmatism lighting, spot lighting, radios, lights and mobile phones. As the terminal equipment, these functions meet customers’ demand. Built-in battery as an intermediate storage device can achieve energy storage.
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