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the awning makes me perfect Empty the awning makes me perfect

Post  team2011 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:35 pm

If the impression on Ningbo is still stuck in Tianyi Pavilion, Lake Park, Tianfeng Tower, Tianyi Square, I have to say, you have fallen behind in the information soaring of twenty-first century. But we also make our thought move forward with technology constantly. In the sunny days of the weekend in the beautiful Ningbo, staying at home is certainly not feasible, we need to find new things to make fun, but as natives in Ningbo, Tianyi Pavilion, Lake Park and other places are nothing new. We can never find something interesting there. But it’s Possible for us to do barbecue, it will be more interesting for the young. Outdoor exercise can make our escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the city's immutable. Think about if you can be free to enjoy breeze and stream in the wild, and the taste of their own barbecue, then it is much to enjoy . But in the quite hot summer days , it seems little chance that we fear the fierce sun exposure. Sunscreen even rub a thick, but also does not help. At this time, if there is a awning in, then it will be more comfortable. Of course, many people want to tan, like some super stars, but this is worth the candle. After all, the strong sun exposure will make your skin subjected to ultraviolet radiation, leading to the final result is greatly increased risk of cancer. If the thing happens like this, when you have fun, you also suffer torment. Seekpart


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