Get Rid of Kitchen Lampblack’s Harms

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Get Rid of Kitchen Lampblack’s Harms Empty Get Rid of Kitchen Lampblack’s Harms

Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:59 am

According to the survey, most Chinese women don’t smoke but they are easy to suffer from the lung cancer. For the past few years, medical scientists have conducted a study and found so many Chinese women have the lung cancer because they have special habits of cooking. For example, they like to stir-fry dishes, a chief cause for the lung cancer.
One characteristic of Chinese dishes is that they are stir-fried. Usually, people don’t put vegetables or meat into the pan till the oil splashes and smoke arises. And now, we know there are many chemicals that induce cancers in the smoke, including the benzopyrene. When those housewives deal with the smoke for a long time, it is no doubt their chance to get cancers increases significantly.

What’s more, there are still many people cooking dishes with briquettes. When briquettes are burned, carbon dioxide and many other toxic gases come out. And thus, many housewives are exposed to a variety of toxic gases. In such case, it is no wonder so many women suffer from the lung cancer. In addition, medical scientists found housewives are much easier to get old, and suffer from heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and digestive tract disease. According to experts, all diseases are related to some substance called lipid peroxides which have something to do with the kitchen lampblack.

Thus, for health, housewives need to pay attention to the harms of kitchen lampblack. Try to improve your kitchen condition as quickly as possible from the following tips:

First, cut down on your habit of stir-frying dishes. Oil temperature can not be too high, lower than 200 ℃. Before the lampblack arises, put vegetables into the pan. In this way, not only housewives can avoid the “lampblack syndrome”, but also vegetables can effectively keep their vitamins.

Second, try to cook dishes in many ways, such as stewing, cooking and frying. In this case, we can save many nutrients and reduce edible oil consumption.

Third, don’t use the oil repeatedly. Some housewives use the same edible oil to fry fish or pork ribs again and again. But there are plenty of carcinogens both in the oil and in its lampblack.

Fourth, ventilate the kitchen. At the same time, people can fix a good rang hood. Turn it on when cooking and turn it off 10 minutes later after cooking.

Fifth, if some families still use briquettes to cook, we suggest they use liquefied gas. All of the above reduces the harms of kitchen lampblack, and prevents various diseases.


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