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Post  lilyqianweiku on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:56 am

Lemon is a common fruit in our daily life but it has many unexpected functions. Lemon is amazing!

Active oxygen is a strong oxidizer which can kill various viruses and bacteria. But when we have too much active oxygen in our bodies, it can harm our normal cells and genes. Generally speaking, ultraviolet irradiation, fierce sport, excessive pressure, and insomnia all can cause too much active oxygen. However, we don’t need to worry about it. We have a way to reduce the quantity. Just eat more lemons!

Lemon has a strong effect of anti-oxidation. It promotes the metabolism of skin, delays ageing and prevents pigmentation. As researched, lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and many other nutritional components. Besides, it has rich organic acid, citric acid and alkaline materials which have a strong effect of anti-oxidation. And thus, eating more lemons rescues us from the ageing and pigmentation of skin.

When lemon helps skin stay clean and smooth, it also does good to one’s health. It can relieve a cough and reduce phlegm, warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen and promote the blood circulation and absorption of calcium. The rich vitamin C contained in lemon can prevent cancers and food poisoning, reduce the quantity of cholesterol, and increase immunity power. It is also helpful for curing diabetes, hypertension, anemia, colds and osteoporosis. According to medical reports, when one’s blood circulation degenerates, his brain cells can not work normally. As a result, his memory gets worse. Fortunately, lemon contains a lot of water-soluble vitamin C which helps blood circulate. Therefore, eating lemons every day is helpful for a good memory and agile thinking.

Lemon’s functions are far more than what we mentioned in the above. It can make our life more convenient, and full of fun. First, when we massage our nails with lemon juice, they become shining and strong. Second, when we put a piece of lemon next to sandwiches, they stay fresh and delicious. Third, when we drop lemon juice on a bitten apple, the apple can escape from the oxidation. Fourth, lemon juice can remove the stain of black tea on white clothes. Fifth, lemon juice can remove the scorch mark on clothes.

Once we know lemon is that helpful, we can not stop thinking it is an amazing fruit. As we all know, there is a saying “one day an apple keeps the doctor away”. We can also say that one day a lemon keeps the doctor away, right?


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