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Q1-in pure rolling of a sphere of radius r on rough horizontal surface if angular acceleration a2 and linear acceleration a1 are related as a1=r*a2.


a-frction force act in direction of rolling

b-friction force act in direction opposite the direction of rolling

c-no friction force act.

d-angular momentum is conserved about centre of mass.

if it is given that a body is in translation equilibrium and

suppose torque about a an axis comes zero then the torque

about any axis parallel to the plane of forces

(provided body is in translation equilibrium)

is zero or not ?

[source NCERT XI class

Q3-in translation motion the direction of linear momentum and velocity are same in all cases

but in rotational motion about fix axis the direction of angular momentum and angular velocity are same if body is symetric and their direction are diffrent if body is not symetric.

the above statement is true or false.
[source NCERT]

Q4-also give explanation for Q2 and Q3 ?

Q5- Arnie and Wimpy are playing tug-of-war. Arnie wins, pulling Wimpy into the mud puddle. Why did Arnie win?

a) Arnie exerted a greater force on the rope than Wimpy exerted on the rope.
b) The rope exerted a greater force on Wimpy than it exerted on Arnie.
c) Arnie exerted a greater force on the ground than Wimpy exerted on the ground.
d) All of the above.


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