The Hen Night ideas and gifts

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The Hen Night ideas and gifts

Post  yufei on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:26 pm

Simply having male strippers is a quite tedious proposition now. And the case of a drag cabaret or a comedy full monty is the same. But, you are certain to have rumbustious fun with your girlfriends if you were to combine all three into one event and add a few more comedy routines and silly games. Insert in a buffet, both vegetarian and non vegetarian and a classy DJ to warm up the night then you would have a perfect Hens Night.

There’s no better gifts there can be other than those that keep the memories of your Hens Night or weekend. Make sure that you prepared free party hats for your each girlfriend and a free calendar with some of the more outrageous photos and well as other photos of the party. These photos and calendars will be cherished for a long time by all your girlfriends, and become the everlasting treasure.


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